It's EARLY in L.A. BABY!


So I’ve been pouring over a notebook of jammed with BIO info of all the peeps we are hopin’ to bump into over the next couple days.

Arcade Fire, Cee-lo,  Herbie Hancock, Sick Puppies, and any combo of BSB and NKOTB that may present itself.  Already listened in to a press conference with the Grammys Executive Producer Ken Erlich.  Plenty of inside scoop to share with you later today…but if you are looking for a quick tip to put you ahead of the Grammy game, click the link and check out Janelle Monae.  She’ll perform with Bruno Mars and B.O.B. and word from the rehearsal space is she’s someone you’ll be talking about come Monday morning.

I’m off to do something very L.A..  Like iron my shirt and find a bran muffin…