We’ve been covering the Grammys for some time on our show now.   Access to The Staples Center is virtually unlimited, and in years past we’ve given you a sneak peek at some very cool Grammy moments before the rest of the world saw them.  Katy Perry’s GIANT fruit for her Grammy Debut.  Elton and Lady GaGa together again for the first time, DMB surrounded by some of the best High School musicians in the country…even Pink dangling from the drapes rehearsing her moment that stole the show last year…

Hope you’ll check out the mayhem and insanity that goes down this year.  It is a whirlwind of music activity, controlled chaos, and quite possibly some of the most fun we have on the air all year.   So much will be happenin’ we’ll have to Tweet, Facebook, and podcast just so you can catch it all!

So, before we take off quick shout outs to Handsome Matt our producer who has already put in a TON of work, and Chuck A our webmaster who will keep our digital world rollin’ while we get set to celebrate Music’s Biggest Night!

This time tomorrow, we’re going backstage….

Gotta go, they’re callin’ my row.