BBC Wins!

This is amazing! Check the Impossible Orchestra and this great Beach Boys cover. Hope you recognize a few faces and voices!

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All About That Bass

When this comes on in the car, there are a couple people in my family who will sing along….and then continue to do so for hours after it has played! Check Meghan Trainor…

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Shake It Off is #1
ts cheers pic

Taylor Swift’s newest single, and major plunge full on into the world of POP is the most dowloaded song of the week. Check the video…

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RIP Robin Williams

A favorite scene from the movie Jack. “Make your life spectacular, I know I did…”

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The Cool Kids
es blog

Lovin’ this new add on PLJ. Check out EchoSmith. (I’d bet money Taylor Swift covers this at some point…right?)

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The Captain
jeter dugout

Not sure we’ll see another player so highly regarded in this generation. This tribute is fantastic. Proof of true sportsmanship and class as he’s even honored by rival fans, teams and players. Captain my Captain! All Star, #2 Derek Jeter.

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Hello Queen City…Cincinnati!
Warm blu logo

I spent nearly 8 years on the air at Q102 in Cincinnati. Proud to be a part of two very different eras. I shared a mic and a studio with local legends like Mark Sebastian, Cathy Cruise, Brian Douglas, The Hawkman, and Chris Tyler. I was also fortunate enough to work for Jimmy Steal and help usher in the era [...]

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Train – Angel in Blue Jeans
angel in blue jeans

Boys from the band Train stopped by to chat about their new album. Bulletproof Picasso will be out this fall. Angel in Blue Jeans is the new song and if you click below, you can hear it…and our intimate, audience included conversation. Train Cafe Interview Part One [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Train Cafe Interview Part Two [Audio [...]

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Casey Kasem
hot kc

Casey was THE MAN! A weekend appointment for nearly all of America. The delivery, the style, the voice, the sense of humor that was so evident outside of “the countdown”. He set the bar, inspired many who are on the air today, and made the emotional connection with those who listened on the other side of the speaker. This classic [...]

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New Maroon 5
m5 queen

The new song from Adam and company…check out MAPS!

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