High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen has a new album out, but it’s this parody with Jimmy Fallon that will really have people talking. BTW – High Hopes is available now…click below for a new song too! Here’s a great performance of the new song Just Like Fire Would.

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You Are Here

Great new commercial for the iPad Air. Dad Poet’s Society audio from Robin Williams. Perfect…

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hoge strong

I’ve loved this guys work for about a decade. Used to be all “alt-rock”, but now he’s got a country release. This one’s for my dad and father in-law, and all the hard working men who’s dedication and guidance have shaped my life. Take a listen to “Strong”.

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The Sochi Winter Olympics
olympic rings

If there’s one thing I remember about winter as a kid growing up in Michigan…there was always a lot of falling down. Check this out as the winter games get closer…and grab a tissue.

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2013 Was Really Something
2013 red

A look at the year that was thru the eyes of YouTube.

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Jewely Jewely Jewel!
jewel snow

Before she sang at the big tree in NYC, Jewel stopped by to talk about her new Holiday Collection “Let it Snow”. NBC’s The Sing Off, music nerds, holiday traditions and just how long we’ve known each other also come up in conversation! [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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Just. Wow.
penta snap


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Colbie Callait, Hold On!
colbie splash

Colbie Callait sat down with us. It was early in the morning and there may have been a bird in my hair. We talk about the new song Hold On, Ryan Tedder, working the AMA Red Carpet, and a few other things in our Recycled Interview. Don’t forget the check the new song below too! Interview New Song

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Daughtry Recycled
daughtry band

The new album Baptized is out today, so we thought we’d share a favorite part of our last chat. Here’s our Daughtry “recycled interview”!

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New Favorite….JINGLE?
wonder oreo

That guy from Owl City did this for OREO…and it’s amazing. Been listening to it over and over and over. I guess you could say it’s “wonderful”!

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