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The Captain
jeter dugout

Not sure we’ll see another player so highly regarded in this generation. This tribute is fantastic. Proof of true sportsmanship and class as he’s even honored by rival fans, teams and players. Captain my Captain! All Star, #2 Derek Jeter.

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The Fault In Our Stars
fios cover

I think this movie is gonna be big. The book is fantastic. Grab a tissue… Here’s a sneak peek…enjoy!

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Vintage Timber
pink radio

Hottest song on the radio right now, just got the “vintage” treatment.

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Eveything is Awesome
lego movie

The Lego Movie is #1 again this week. Love the message of this movie, and at our house we can’t stop singing this. Tegan & Sara Everything is Awesome.

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High Hopes

Bruce Springsteen has a new album out, but it’s this parody with Jimmy Fallon that will really have people talking. BTW – High Hopes is available now…click below for a new song too! Here’s a great performance of the new song Just Like Fire Would.

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You Are Here

Great new commercial for the iPad Air. Dad Poet’s Society audio from Robin Williams. Perfect…

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2013 Was Really Something
2013 red

A look at the year that was thru the eyes of YouTube.

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Football, On Your Phone!

That is all…

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This is not your typical commencement address.

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Sesame Street Live!
super grover

We were lucky enough to get a little sneak peek at some of the new fun surrounding Elmo’s Super Heroes! Check this little video piece so you’re in the know when the show comes to your town!

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