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Bieber Drum Battle!
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 10.16.41 PM

Justin stopped by for a little chat about the new single What Do You Mean. Just so happens we left a few toys out in the hall, and this happened! Justin Bieber vs. Race Taylor – DRUM OFF! from CumulusNYC on Vimeo.

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The Night B4

We’ve fired up the ol’ microphone. No frills, no bells, no whistles. Just voices and a favorite story all Audible and NPR like. Merry Christmas! May the joy, love and magic of the season fill your home… and your heart. OUR FAMILY VERSION OF THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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New Jersey Post Sandy

Some insight as to why so much funding is needed to help in the post Sandy recovery. It will be a long road back. Here’s Katie and Jon Bon Jovi

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SANDY: The Clean-up
sandy taxi

Just one of the many images of Sandy. The hurricane has ravaged New York City, The Jersey Shore, Long Island and so very many East Coast communities. Check us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates, and click the words Red Cross to go directly to their site and contribute to the relief effort. RED CROSS Unfortunately your browser [...]

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While lookin’ for a picture to properly represent the summer vibe that is finally upon us, we stumbled upon this…MUPPET MOVIE! What’s not to love? Throw in Amy Adams and that guy from Knocked Up, and we are so IN! This one will rock the holiday weekend box office…but not until Thanksgiving! So, don’t line up outside the theatre just [...]

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Taylor Swift takes on bullies…
Taylor x 2

Taylor Swift has a new video for her song “Mean”. We like the message… Mean – Taylor Swift – Taylor Swift Videos

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Nuff Said…

This is the photo that says more than I ever could… In the weeks and months that followed 9/11, there was no way to describe what it was like to be on the air in NYC. The anger and the sadness, the sense of loss, and renewed feelings of patriotism. Daily funerals, mourning, and moments of silence lead to yearly [...]

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Music With a Message

We know lots of musicians and song writers.  Each with different styles, different audiences, different ways of making the point they want to make.  We LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, and it’s not just because we know Brady, or some of the other “parents” in his band.  We love it because it applies to all kids of all abilities, especially the [...]

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Happy Holidays from Race!
Happy Holidays from Race!

That’s what happens when Race goes to a holiday party and there’s a camera in the room…Yikes. Don’t let this happen to you over the holiday season!!

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