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Selena Gomez Calls, again…
selena slow image

Selena Gomez called to talk about upcoming NYC shows. That Lorde fued, Halloween, and her Adidas Fashion Line also seem to come up in conversation. Here’s the podcast… [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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Me & Mario, On The Chew
mario kitchen

Had the chance to help our friends at Hellmann’s celebrate their 100th Birthday! With me, Chef Mario Batali, 500 new friends and the camera crew from The Chew. (Mario did most of the work…) One more piece from Adweek in NYC…

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Phillip Phillips Checks In
Phillip smaller

What a year it’s been for Phillip Phillips. His song HOME was a huge part of the Sandy relief effort. He’s toured with Matchbox Twenty, John Mayer…even sang the anthem at Game One of the World Series. Phillip called us before soundcheck at a show on Long Island earlier this week. We tackle Waffle House, life on the road with [...]

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Roar — The Katy Perry Interview

We talked with Katy Perry yesterday as her new song “Roar” was released. As I type here song Roar is now #1 in 32 countries. Here’s what she had to say about album art, her musical sounding board, and the Katy Perry she was long before the superstar fame and Michael Jackson record tying string of #1 Songs! Her new [...]

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Robin Thicke

Blurred Lines has taken over the world. We sit down with the man who has the song of the summer and talk about everything from famous family to VMAs. Check the video convo with Robin Thicke.

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They write songs about boys n’ stuff
Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Boston

Carly Simon joined Taylor Swift on stage at Gillette Stadium over the weekend. Songwriting with a common thread, 40 years removed. Check the vid!

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This is HOT yo! Hot! Hot! Hot! Big winner over the weekend at the Much Music Awards, I’d like you to meet my new favorite song. Marianas Trench, Stutter!

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This is not your typical commencement address.

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Paramore Interview
haley P

We met up with Paramore before they played a SOLD OUT show at The Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC. More music, fewer band members, new album, hot video, orange hair and best show EVER…we cover it all in this interview! BTW – This is the video for the new single Still Into You

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Avril Interview
SmallAvril 007

Our pal Avril Lavigne stopped by to discuss her new album coming out in September. We also slipped into some fun convo about her fiance Chad from Nickelback, video shoots, high heels and being shy…You’ve seen the video for Here’s To Never Growing Up posted here already. Now, check our chat with Avril Lavigne.

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