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Fire Up!

How about a little pep talk? Something to get you thru the dark days of winter. Click play for some inspiration. This kid is awesome…

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levine sans shirt

Adam Levine did a great job as host on SNL. Andy Samberg returned with a digital short, and the fellas together said the exact thing your Grandmother did time and time again. Be careful sweetie…YOLO!

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Out of New Music?
music color

Typically, there are 4 beats to a measure of music to build your rhythm. 12 individual separate tones to an octave help you create a melody. With these numbers, simple math says we may run out of identifiable new musical ideas…right? Check this…

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WOW! Beyonce Amazes!

She nailed it. BEyonce rose to the occasion to say the least. Listen to an anthem for the ages.

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Ingrid and the kids
ingrid school

This is beautiful. It’s our friend from Staten Island Ingrid Michaelson. Her work here with the kids from Newtown, CT is so moving. They just wanted to create something beautiful and maybe help raise some money for families that are still hurting. Watch this, then maybe skip on over to iTunes or Amazon to purchase the song. Here is… Somewhere [...]

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Stay Healthy!

The boys in One Republic must be working with the CDC…it’s that or Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lessons in hygiene right here with The Handwashing Song! Scrub up kids!

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