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Call Me Maybe
carly rae jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is on a Bieber powered trajectory. While her Call Me Maybe song slowly climbs the charts, she stopped by to chat a little.

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The Fray – In the Can
the fray

Check our in depth interview right here…

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All American Rejects
AAR Snap

These guys are comin’ to Bamboozle. They play Saturday night 5/19 down the shore. Same night as the Foo Fighters. Check this new video for Beekeeper’s Daughter. It’s on Kids In The Street which is out now. Bee a pretty little flower, and click the video below…

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Levon Helm
Levon at the kit

The brotherhood of the drum has lost yet another. My brother sent me this clip. A groovy drummer and by all accounts a lovely person. Learn more about The Band here, maybe watch The Last Waltz. RIP Levon Helm.

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New From Train!

California 37 drops on 4/17, but the boys have been kind enough to share an early appreciation gift. Check out this cool fake infomercial and a sneak peek at Feels Good at First.

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Rock of Ages Trailer
cruise rock 2

Huge Broadway hit coming to the big screen. Here’s a peek…

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Behold, the power of music!

Ingrid Michaelson and PS 22 on Staten Island. This is amazing. Listen to how music has transformed these lives…Support music in our schools!

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Whitney, Jordan, Cee-Lo…Here’s the trailer.

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